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Get the spatial data of cadastral parcels and zones. The WFS Service allows to perform several types of queries:

  • By bounding box: Implemented on catr_wfs_get_parcels_bbox(). Extract objects included on the bounding box provided. See Details.

  • By zoning: Implemented on catr_wfs_get_parcels_zoning(). Extract objects of a specific cadastral zone.

  • By cadastral parcel: Implemented on catr_wfs_get_parcels_parcel(). Extract cadastral parcels of a specific cadastral reference.

  • Neighbor cadastral parcels: Implemented on catr_wfs_get_parcels_neigh_parcel(). Extract neighbor cadastral parcels of a specific cadastral reference.

  • Cadastral parcels by zoning: Implemented on catr_wfs_get_parcels_parcel_zoning(). Extract cadastral parcels of a specific cadastral zone.

Check the API Docs.


catr_wfs_get_parcels_bbox(x, what = "parcel", srs, verbose = FALSE)

catr_wfs_get_parcels_zoning(cod_zona, srs = NULL, verbose = FALSE)

catr_wfs_get_parcels_parcel(rc, srs = NULL, verbose = FALSE)

catr_wfs_get_parcels_neigh_parcel(rc, srs = NULL, verbose = FALSE)

catr_wfs_get_parcels_parcel_zoning(cod_zona, srs = NULL, verbose = FALSE)



See Details. It could be:

  • A numeric vector of length 4 with the coordinates that defines the bounding box: c(xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax)

  • A sf/sfc object, as provided by the sf package.


Information to load. It could be "parcel" for cadastral parcels or "zoning" for cadastral zoning.


SRS/CRS to use on the query. To check the admitted values check catr_srs_values, specifically the wfs_service column. See Details.


Logical, displays information. Useful for debugging, default is FALSE.


Cadastral zone code.


The cadastral reference to be extracted.


A sf object.


When x is a numeric vector, make sure that the srs matches the coordinate values. Additionally, when the srs correspond to a geographic reference system (4326, 4258), the function queries the bounding box on EPSG:3857 - Web Mercator, to overcome a potential bug on the API side. The result is provided always in the SRS provided in srs.

When x is a sf object, the value srs is ignored. The query is performed using EPSG:3857 (Web Mercator) and the spatial object is projected back to the SRS of the initial object.

API Limits

The API service is limited to the following constrains:

  • "parcel: Bounding box of 1km2 and a maximum of 500. elements.

  • "zoning": Bounding box of 25km2 and a maximum of 500 elements.


# \donttest{
cp <- catr_wfs_get_parcels_bbox(
    233673, 4015968, 233761, 4016008
  srs = 25830
#> Warning: incomplete final line found on 'C:\Users\RUNNER~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Rtmp6XzUk4/filea6c1546b14.gml'


ggplot(cp) +

# }